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Octavia Stanton Caldwell founded and is President and Chief Executive Officer of ROC Consultants, LLC, a firm specializing in helping nonprofit organizations, churches and entrepreneurs strategically plan, fund and manage how they operate their organizations. Octavia has demonstrated the knowledge, skills and ability to develop practical approaches to address organizational challenges and problems.

Her professional and managerial background is balanced with strong fiscal and personnel successes. She has been involved with all aspects of grants acquisitions and grants management, and possesses knowledge of federal, state and local grant regulations and policies. Process improvement, performance management and organizational development are hallmark strengths in her personnel experiences. She has twenty one years experience in leadership positions in federal, state and local government, private sector, community and faith-based organizations utilizing assessment, planning, organizing, evaluating, quantitative and qualitative analysis, fund-raising and team building skills.

Her extensive public, private, church and community-based experiences and training equips her well to lead ROC Consultants, LLC as it helps organizations to grow, improve their effectiveness and serve more people.


Octavia can assemble the right team of professionals to meet client's needs anywhere in the United States and in many other countries. These professionals add to the depth of specific knowledge skills and abilities available to a wide variety of nonprofit organizations, government agencies, foundations and small businesses to build capacity and deliver results.


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